Turn on Fast Delta for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL protected systems - x360Recover

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at June 30th, 2021

If a protected system houses a large database system, such as Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL, you can improve backup performance by turning on Fast Delta.

Fast Delta is a block change scanning tool that dramatically improves the backup performance of large database applications, like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL. Enabling Fast Delta can reduce backup times from hours to minutes for larger Exchange and SQL deployments.

To turn on Fast Delta:

1. From the Services app on the target machine, stop and disable the agent service.

2. Navigate to the agent installation folder.

3. Open the aristos.cfg file with administrative privileges.

4. In the aristos.cfg file, update the USE_FASTDELTA line to true.

5. When you are finished, save the file and restart the agent service.