Order BDR appliances


Written By Corey Fogg (Administrator)

Updated at January 9th, 2024


From the Axcient x360Portal, you can order appliances to use with x360Recover.

When you access the Order BDR menu item inside your x360Portal, you will be greeted with a wizard-style ordering system that allows you to purchase multiple appliances at a time.

Note: We'll be expanding the functionality of the ordering system over time.  

If you have recommendations, please use our Request a feature function found in the product footers.

Steps to order Axcient BDR devices

The BDR ordering process involves six steps, presented in a wizard format.

STEP 1. Choose your series

Each Axcient BDR model belongs to a series. (We also offer upgrade kits.)

This first step when ordering is to choose the series you would like to shop for.  

When you select multiple series, you will see a list of models that apply to each series.

  • NOTE We only display ten series at a time, so if you have selected more than ten, you'll have to scroll through the results pages.

STEP 2. Choose your model options

Our system allows you to select multiple models (and quantities) for a single order.

Each device is listed by current price and statistics.

Please refer to the listings within the x360Portal for the latest details.

STEP 3. Choose your purchase (and/or leasing) options

In this step, you can mix and match (a) which devices you would like to purchase now and (b) which devices you prefer to lease.

  • You can select to both buy a device now and lease additional devices on the same order.

What happens at the end of your lease?

At the end of the lease period, if you are not in default, you will have the option to:

(a) return the equipment to us in accordance with the terms and conditions of your agreement or

(b) purchase all of the equipment (on written notice to us, given at least 60 days prior to the end of the lease term) for a purchase price equal to the monthly rental payment multiplied by nine (plus all applicable taxes). Upon payment of such option purchase price and applicable taxes, we will transfer the title to the equipment to you as-is.

NOTE: If you leased your BDR appliance from us before January 15, 2024, the buyout price will be the monthly rental payment multiplied by 3. If you a leased your BDR appliance after January 15, 2024, the buyout price will be the monthly rental payment multiplied by 9.

Note: If you fail to exercise the purchase option, you must return the equipment to us in accordance with the terms of your lease agreement.


All devices include a manufacturers warranty.

For complete details: Appliance warranty  |  Appliance warranty FAQs

  • If you choose to purchase: When you purchase a device now, you will have the option to extend the manufacturers warranty.
  • If you chose to lease: When you opt to lease a device, the warranty selection is disabled.

STEP 4. Enter your shipping information

  • You can choose where you want the device(s) to be shipped.
  • You can also select the shipping method you prefer.

 We will send your devices using the information you specify on this page:

STEP 5. Provide contacts for this order

Who would you like us to notify about the order and who do we contact for payments?

We will contact you with an invoice after we have processed and verified the device details.

STEP 6. Price estimate and order review

The last step in the BDR ordering process is to review the final price estimate and confirm that the information on the order is complete and accurate.

You'll do this review just before you submit your order.

If you have any leased items, you'll be given the chance to review and accept the terms and conditions for leasing.  

Once you have reviewed and confirmed the information on this page, click Submit to send the order to us for fulfillment.

What happens after you submit your order?

  • After you have placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation number to use when talking to our support or customer service team.
  • Your submitted order will also display a Print option, which allows you to save a PDF for your records.
    • IMPORTANT: At this time, if you don't save this PDF before leaving the ordering screen, you won't be able to view this submitted order again.
  • Your order confirmation number corresponds to an Axcient ticket. You'll get an email from us, confirming we have received a ticket on your behalf.
  • If you need to contact our support or customer service teams, please have your order confirmation number available.

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