BDR: Axcient appliance or BYOD

x360Recover BDR

1648133932657-2022_x360R_kb_header_o.jpgWhat is x360Recover BDR?

With x360Recover BDR, your image-based backups are delivered to an appliance, where that data can be replicated to the cloud. (We also offer a deployment option to eliminate the appliance and instead deliver your image-based backups directly to the cloud: see Direct-to-Cloud D2C: Backup with no appliance)

x360Recover is easy to manage because of these Axcient technologies:

Chain-free, image-based backup No chain management
AutoVerify nightly BootVM check Data is checked for corruption before backup
PSA/RMM integration Ticketing and billing can be fully automated
AirGap Backups are protected in case of ransomware.

Critical capabilities of x360Recover include:

  • RPO of 15-minutes and RTO of less than one hour 
  • Chain-free dramatically reduces the overhead of managing chain-based backups
  • Appliance-free BCDR and endpoint protection with our innovative Direct-to-Cloud
  • Self-manage disaster recovery and virtualization with Virtual Office for significantly faster RTO and RPO
  • AirGap protects your backups against attackers and ransomware
  • AutoVerify checks for data corruption before backing up
  • PSA and RMM integration to automate ticketing and billing processes
  • Flat fee, pooled data storage with secure long-term retention 
  • The choice to bring your own appliance hardware (BYOD) or buy turn-key BDR appliances from Axcient (You can choose to buy upfront or select a 3-year lease)
  • The choice to use the Axcient cloud, or use your data center, or both

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