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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 16th, 2021

The Jobs menu pane contains information about current and historical job history. On the menu pane, you will see submenus for Backup, Replication, Seeding, Conversion, and System type jobs.

To view job history:

  1. In the Appliance menu pane, click Jobs on the left hand navigation.
  2. Use this page to view job history. For example:
    • The Backup tab contains information about local backup jobs on the appliance.
    • The Replication tab shows details of recovery points being replicated to the off-site vault.
    • The Seeding tab shows the progress of full image seed jobs being written to USB disks.
    • The Conversion tab shows the progress and status of disk export jobs on the system.
    • The System tab shows the status and progress of system jobs, like system updates and protected system migrations.

You can also set the historical retention period for Jobs metadata from the Jobs Auto Delete Settings page at System Settings navigation on the left hand side.

Status Indicators

  1. Use the Status column to understand the progress of each job.
    These include: Completed, Failed, Missed, Running, Paused, Error, and Waiting Ingestion (for Replication jobs).

Status Info

In-progress jobs will have a green circle icon followed by an Action icon.

Backup jobs can be paused (and resumed)

Replication, seeding, and conversion jobs can be cancelled while the snapshot is still in transit. Once transmission is completed, the green In Progress icon will remain until the snapshot has been consumed and committed in the vault. Hovering over the icon will display Waiting for Ingestion. System jobs generally cannot be paused or cancelled.


When performing USB seeding of a protected system base image, the subsequent Incremental backups will be replicated to the vault immediately. The Replication Jobs menu will display all of these snapshots in a Waiting for Ingestion status until the seed drive arrives at the vault, gets imported, and is consumed. When the base image has been received, the incremental backups will be processed in turn.


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