Introduction to x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 3rd, 2023


Introduction to x360Recover

Review the latest release notes for all of the x360Recover components.

Have you seen our new x360Recover Essential Users Guide? It' s a step-by-step guide to help you understand and use x360Recover services efficiently (and quickly.)

Some recovery options with x360Recover are more technically challenging that others. Review a few best practices on how to perform bare metal restores, how to use Hyper-V virtualization and ways to work with cloud failover in our Virtual Office. [PDF]

x360Recover documentation

This knowledgebase section includes documentation for the following components of x360Recover:  

D2C (Direct-to-Cloud):  Backup with no appliance for x360Recover
Install and deploy full-featured image-based backups, without a local appliance

BDR: Chain-free backup with appliance for x360Recover
Navigate and restore with Axcient x360Recover appliances and vaults

Manager (Previously RMC)  A single pane of glass for backups for x360Recover
One place to monitor, set alerts, and configure reports for your x360Recover BDR fleet

Virtual Office: Recover to a virtual machine for x360Recover
Start and self-manage virtual machines in the Axcient Cloud with a secure, web app

Airgap: Your last line of defense
Protects a data snapshot as your last line of defense during a cyber-attack on your files

BRC User Guides [PDF] are available here

Download your own copy of the data sheet below: x360Recover Data Sheet