x360Recover Agent 2.38 - Feb 07 2023

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 29th, 2023

   x360Recover Agent Release Information

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     Targeted release starting Feb 07 2023

Release overview 

x360Recover agent 2.38 is a maintenance release. The focus of this release is to address bugs found during support escalations, add support for integration with ConnectWise Asio, and to fix several edge cases with virtualization and Smart Recovery

Summary of enhancements

  • Report Asio Agent Id to telemetry for integration support
  • Support for virtualization with GPT disks where system partition is on a separate disk from Windows
  • Added retry attempts when VSS returns VSS_E_PROVIDER_VETO

Summary of bug fixes
  • Fixed issue in case when the local cache path contains spaces
  • Fixed issue where agent might hang in a loop when using FastDelta
  • Fixed rare edge case where agent might lose its configuration settings
  • Fixed invalid logging of message Missing SnapshotDetails when FastDelta is not enabled
  • Fixed invalid logging of local cache messages when local cache is not enabled
  • Fixed issue with Smart Recovery when more than 16 volumes are present on the system
  • Fixed excessive logging or duplicate error messages (especially error code 23)

Auto Update Best Practices

We recommend that the option to Enable Auto Update is enabled on the Settings -> Update Manager page on each of your x360Recover devices.

We also recommend that you enable Auto-Enable Remote Assist When Upgrading so that remote access will be available to our development team should something go wrong with your upgrade.

This will ensure that your x360Recover devices are updated with the latest software enhancements in a timely fashion, and that the x360Recover Support team will have a short window of time to access and repair any troublesome devices without requiring user intervention.

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