x360Recover Bare Metal Restore - May 26 2022

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 28th, 2022


    x360Recover Bare Metal Restore

 Release Date:

    May 26 2022  

Release overview

x360Recover Bare Metal Restore is a maintenance release, improving the reliability of the bare metal restore (BMR) process.

Summary of enhancements

Summary of improvements

The windows in the bare metal restore wizard have been made wider by default, to better display long names for disks and volumes in the drive mapping pages. 

Disk size mismatch errors are non-blocking

This means you may now perform recovery to a target disk that is smaller than the original system physical disk.  (A warning will still be displayed but this is no longer a fatal error.) We've published a documented work-around, detailing how to shrink partitions on the source disk to fit them onto a smaller target disk.

The bare metal restore Wizard now defaults to Smart Recovery mode.  

Smart Recovery mode is recommended for recovery because it returns physical disks which are structed exactly like the original protected system.

Partition cloning has been completely rewritten

The improvements make partition cloning bulletproof across dissimilar disk sizes and types, increasing reliability and eliminating partition mismatch errors.

Choose between Data Adaptive mode or Failsafe mode

You now have choices when selecting the default mode for the wizard:

Data Adaptive mode (the default mode for the bare metal restore wizard) copies each partition one by one, using filesystem-specific copy tools in the most efficient manner. 
Failsafe mode is a new bare metal restore wizard option, which copies the entire disk in a single pass, regardless of file system types. 

Pros and cons of each mode

  • Failsafe mode provides maximum reliability, but it may be slower than Data Adaptive mode, (particularly when the disk volume contains large empty spaces.) 
  • Failsafe mode avoids any file system-related errors, which can potentially prevent completion of the recovery when using Data Adaptive mode.


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