Mar 6 2024 - x360Recover 12.6

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024

   x360Recover Agent Release Information
    Version:     12.6
    Release Date(s):      March 6 2024 


Release overview 

x360Recover 12.6 is a feature release. The focus is to deliver backend support for the upcoming agent for macOS early access release, as well as delivering requested feature enhancements and eliminating bugs. 

Summary of new features

  • Backend support for agent for macOS (Currently hidden under a feature flag)
  • Support for multi-path iSCSI and SAS controllers with multi-path IO1
  • Automatically perform first Cloud AutoVerify check upon completion of initial full backup
  • Moved Add Client functionality to Recover Manager (RMC) 5.9
  • Added support for re-applying P2V on previously configured snapshot to allow simple switching between virtio and non-virtio modes

1 Multi-Path I/O provides a mechanism for adding both fault tolerance and enhanced performance to disk read/write operations.  x360Recover now supports native Linux multi-path I/O functionality via properly configured iSCSI storage connections and hardware SAS storage controllers with multi-path support. 

2Add Client option is now disabled on vaults.  Client management should now be performed within Recover Manager.  This button will be fully removed in a future release.

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with vault to appliance recovery when deleted snapshots in the safety archive on the vault are present
  • Fixed issues with AutoVerify where chkdsk test might fail due to timeout
  • Fixed issue where protected systems are not removed from mongo after the storage pool is destroyed
  • Fixed crash in support-tui when replication settings are not present
  • Fixed issue with failing backups when unsupported special characters are present in the protected system alias name
  • Fixed mismatch between Retention Policy and Safety Archive where clean up of a  snapshot less than 7 days old was blocked. (New minimum is 4 days to match Retention Policy defaults)
  • Fixed issue where displaying the Backup Jobs page might time out or exceed memory limits and crash the UI when many thousands of jobs are present
  • Fixed issue where the initial state of a D2C protected system might not be correctly restored when cancelling the initial phase of an appliance recovery job
  • Fixed issue where incorrect AutoVerify information is displayed on private vaults
  • Fixed issue where a previously exported snapshot might not be correctly restored after rebooting an appliance or vault
  • Fixed issue where DTS tunnels might not be accessible after changing firewall state


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