Apr 10 2024 - x360Recover 13.0.0

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024


    x360Recover 13.0

    Release Date(s):

     April 10 2024

Release overview 

x360Recover 13.0.0 is a maintenance release, focused on deliver stabilization and hardening in preparation for the upcoming upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal), as well as providing security fixes and elimination of bugs.

Summary of new features

  • All general availability features for agent for macOS (Currently hidden under a feature flag)
  • Fixes to general stability and backend service hardening
  • Removed deprecated alerting classes for email and ConnectWise integration
  • Upgraded Mongo to version 3.4
  • Upgraded DKMS network drivers to latest versions
  • Hardened Upgrade Manager to no longer require Mongo be accessible

Summary of bug fixes

  • Hide unsupported Agent Configuration settings for macOS and Linux agents
  • Added retry request in case of 502-504 response from Service Manager
  • Fixed ‘unsupported options’ error message when connecting to shell via Recover Manager
  • Fixed long load time when displaying current package version in the UI
  • Fixed issue where License credentials are not updated if reseller or customer names are changed in Recover Manager
  • Fixed configuration of logrotate for nginx service
  • Fixed race condition that might cause the update process to hang at ‘endupdates’ stage
  • Fixed issue where replication might attempt to run for invalid snapshot timestamps
  • Fixed issues in provisioning where unsupported characters might be entered for passwords
  • Fixed rare issue with mounting snapshots with FTPS enabled
  • Fixed issue where the OS Name appears blank for some macOS devices
  • Fixed issue retrieving and displaying large screenshot images for Cloud AutoVerify
  • Fixed issue where users might save a backup schedule with None selected for both Business hours and Non-business hours (effectively NO backups are scheduled)

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