Apr 17 2024 - Manager (RMC) 5.11

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024

x360Recover Manager (RMC) v 5.11

Release date:
April 17, 2024 

X360Recover Manager (RMC) 5.11 includes UX improvements and bug fixes

Summary of enhancements

  • Missed and paused backups will now appear in the Backup History report.
  • Added email and PSA alerting options for appliances  and private vaults that were previously only available via the appliance or vault GUIs 
  • Improved the performance of the RMC Dashboard for users with slower systems or aggressive security filters

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect redirection while navigating between appliances and devices.
  • PSA settings can now be saved even if special symbols are used in the Service Type field.
  • The values for Latest Cloud RP and Latest Vault RP are now shown in the correct columns of the Backup Summary report for users with both Axcient Cloud and private vaults.

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