Jan 2024 release notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024

January 2024 release notes

x360Recover 12.5.1 - January 2024 

   x360Recover Agent Release Information
    Version:     12.5.1
    Release Date(s):      Staged rollout through January 2024

Release overview 

x360Recover 12.5.1 is a feature release. The focus of this release is to improve the user experience by delivering requested feature enhancements and eliminating bugs.

Summary of new features

  • Retention Policy Manager is available, allowing you to create one or more retention policy configurations that can be set as a default or applied to protected systems individually
  • ZFS ZSTD compression is now supported1
  • LZ4 compression is now deprecated
  • The Smart Recovery option is selected by default in the UI
  • Fully-integrated shared P2V (Physical-to-Virtual) library is included with Virtual Office
  • Paused and missed backup jobs are now reported to Recover Manager

1 Because ZSTD-3 compression offers 8-12% better compression than LZ4, the LZ4 compression method has been deprecated with this release. Existing storage pools will be reconfigured to use ZSTD-3 on all future snapshots, resulting in better storage utilization, reduced replication bandwidth, and less cloud storage consumption over time. Existing storage pools using GZip-4 compression are not affected.

Summary  of security updates

  • Pinned versions of Python modules to prevent conflicts with Python3 dependencies
  • Resolved critical and high security issues due to vulnerable package dependencies

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed virtualization of protected systems with boot and Windows on different disks
  • Fixed virtualization of protected systems with Windows located in a non-standard path
  • Fixed recording of missed backup jobs on vaults being assigned to ‘admin’ user
  • Fixed issue where mounting D2C Linux protected systems might fail with an error
  • Fixed UI issue when creating or expanding a storage pool using RAID6
  • Fixed issue with outdated boot loader files on installation ISO
  • Fixed issue where the device might begin an update while provisioning is running
  • Fixed JavaScript errors when starting VNC Terminal
  • Fixed issues to allow enabling and disabling VirtIO on subsequent Live Mode virtualization attempts
  • Fixed UI issue where invalid cached values might be retained when editing backup schedules
  • Fixed issue where manually running a backup using ‘Start Now’ outside of schedule hours paused the backup.
  • Fixed issue where network settings are incorrectly hidden on self-hosted GMP hosts
  • Fixed issue with incremental recovery where the last snapshot might not be recovered if a backup is in progress when starting the final pass



 Retention Policy Manager is now available. Existing storage pools will be reconfigured to use ZSTD-3 on all future snapshots and LZ4 compression is now deprecated