May 1 2024 - Service Advisory - Virtual Office VPN retirement

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 17th, 2024

Service Advisory - Virtual Office VPN Retirement 

Axcient Virtual Office is being replaced with new OpenVPN for Client User VPN services. 

All newly-created Virtual Office environments with Client VPN enabled will now leverage OpenVPN software and gateway services.

User action required 

Note that this advisory affects ONLY partners with ACTIVE Virtual Office environments at the time of the switchover to OpenVPN.  

All newly initialized Virtual Offices started after the switchover, either manually or via Runbooks, will automatically be configured using OpenVPN.

Partners with existing, running Virtual Office environments, either in Test or Live mode, that have enabled Client VPN, must make a transition to OpenVPN within the Virtual Office configuration settings page.

If your Virtual Office has not yet been converted to OpenVPN mode, on the Configure Virtual Office page, the Client VPN section will contain a button ‘Switch to OpenVPN’.

Until you switch to OpenVPN mode you will not be able to add new Client connections or install new devices with VPN Client software.

Clicking ‘Switch to OpenVPN’ will reconfigure the running Virtual Office backend with OpenVPN components and enable adding new client connections.

Important considerations

EXISTING Virtual Office VPN client connections will continue to work, and connections will not be interrupted. HOWEVER, the Virtual Office VPN servers are being retired by Axcient. Partners are being advised that you will have some limited time to convert your client endpoints to OpenVPN before the firewalls are shut down permanently.

  • For updated instructions on installing and configuring OpenVPN, see: Configure VPN for Virtual Offices.
  • For a Test Mode Virtual Office, you may wish to simply stop and restart Virtual Office. Newly started Virtual Offices, created either manually or via Runbook, will automatically be configured to use OpenVPN.
  • Existing Runbooks do not need to be configured or updated. Starting a new Virtual Office from an existing Runbook will configure the Virtual Office using OpenVPN automatically.


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