3a. Client Details - x360Recover Manager

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at January 31st, 2024

The Client Details page displays a detailed view of the health status of the Client, and also provides tools to help you configure notifications at the client level.

  1. Client Summary Message —If the Client is troubled or has warnings, this banner will display with a health status. 
  2. Account at a glance—Click into Services, Devices, Virtualizations, or Runbooks to view a full list. 
  3. Recovery Wizard—Click this button to launch the Recovery Wizard. You can recover data, run a virtual machine, virtualize an office in the cloud, export a virtual disk, or conduct a Bare Metal Restore from this wizard. 
  4. Settings — Click this button to edit client-level notifications, health digest delivery, and PSA connection. 
  5. Activities of interest— Similar to the Dashboard, this is a list of all protected devices under this client, separated by their health status. Click More on a device to view details and jobs; click the View Device button to navigate to the Device Details page. 

Device Health Status descriptions

  • Activities of Interest—this panel lists important activities across all Clients and Services. Each individual alert includes direct links to the corresponding activity.
  • Requires Attention—this panel, which is also referred to as Troubled, displays a list of devices that have fallen out of the protection threshold as configured in the Protection Policy. Devices that have failed the cloud replication will be listed here as well. Each individual alert includes direct links to the corresponding device.
  • Warning—this panel lists appliances or devices that have lost connectivity for an extended period of time as configured in the Protection Policy. This panel will also display alerts when a local or cloud replication job completes with warnings. Each individual alert includes direct links to the corresponding device or appliance.
  • Protected as Expected—this panel lists devices that are healthy and do not need attention at this time. Expand the alert and click Browse to view each protected device.