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Manage your x360Recover licenses directly within x360Recover Manager

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 30th, 2024


In October 2023, we consolidated several services and tasks within x360Recover Manager

This means you now manage your x360Recover licenses directly within x360Recover Manager - and you'll no longer need to login to multiple portals. 

Where do I manage my x360Recover licenses?

STEP 1. Log into your x360Portal Dashboard.

STEP 2. Select the x360Recover tile to launch the x360Recover Manager (RMC) dashboard.

STEP 3. To manage licenses for your x360Recover clients, click Licenses on the left menu:

Once I log in, what actions can I take?

STEP 4. The licensing information detail page will display all of your clients and their current license assignments.

A. Click any CLIENT to expand their entry and review the types of licenses this client currently has assigned. 

B. For end point licenses, you will see a summary of how many server and work station licenses are allocated to this client

C. For storage licenses, you will find a summary of the allocated storage being used by this client, along with the assigned retention period.

STEP 5. Click Manage Licenses to assign, edit or change license assignments for that client.

What is the workflow for adding a new appliance?

Important note on new appliance licenses: The license provisioning process for new appliances has changed since our legacy License Portal was retired. (See announcement) 

As of October 24, 2023, you are no longer required to create locations or sites when assigning licenses for appliances. Instead, new appliances will appear within the Licenses page automatically, once they have been provisioned.

Steps to add a license for a new appliance:

1. Create the client (if the client does not yet exist)

2. Install x360Recover on your BDR (if you are using BYOD hardware)

3. Provision the new BDR by connecting to the appliance IP address with a web browser and completing the registration wizard

4. Assign licenses within x360Recover Manager from the Licenses tab, as described above

5. Once the provisioning process has been completed, the new appliance will appear within x360Recover Manager under 'Services' 'Clients' and 'Licenses'

What types of licenses can I assign?

Endpoint licenses

If your client is configured in the Endpoint licensing mode, you'll assign:

  • one endpoint license for each server to be protected and 
  • one endpoint license to each workstation to be protected.

Notes on endpoint licensing

  • Billing is based on the number of assigned licenses, so do not assign more licenses than you need.  The number of licenses assigned should exactly match the number of protected systems.
  • You cannot assign fewer licenses than the number of protected systems already present for the client.
  • New protected systems cannot register if there are no free licenses available of the correct type.   (i.e., Server licenses for Windows Server or Linux systems, or Workstation licenses for Windows Desktop.) You may see this message:

Storage licenses

If your client is configured in the Storage licensing mode, you'll assign the maximum amount of storage that may be consumed by the protected systems on that appliance at that client’s location.

  • Storage licensing allows for endpoints, as long as their total backup data can fit within the assigned storage capacity on that appliance at that client’s location.
  • Storage licensing allows for storage in the cloud on an Axcient-hosted vault, conforming to either a 3-year or 10-year retention limit.

Endpoint license vs Storage license modes

Note: Only Organization administrators and Organization managers can change a client's licensing mode. Organization users will not see an option for these modes and may only change the quantity assignments to the license.

In Endpoint license mode, retention settings on both the appliance and the vault may be managed independently.  You may set any values you like for either local or cloud retention.

In Storage license mode, cloud retention is fixed and cannot be edited.

  • The retention settings are controlled by the retention period you selected when assigning Storage licensing. (This will be either a 3-year or 10-year retention period.)  
  • Appliance retention values may be set to whatever value you like, but the values on the vault will be fixed and non-editable, based on the license type assigned.


What else is new in x360Recover Manager?

The following articles give an overview of how to use the additional new tools in x360Recover Manager:

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