8. Job Details - x360Recover Manager

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at January 31st, 2024

The Job Details page gives you a detailed breakdown of the specified job. The system will display three different types of jobs:

  • Local backup jobs are listed for a local Appliance,
  • Axcient Cloud backup jobs are listed for an Axcient Cloud Vault, and
  • Private Cloud backup jobs are listed for a Private Cloud Vault.

For example, the Job Details page will display the following information for a local backup job:

  1. Job Summary Message—If the job is troubled or has warnings, this banner will display with a health status. 
  2. Job Details—This panel displays summary information for the Job, including job type, device, service, and hostname/IP. Click the Login button to directly log into the device. 
  3. Most Recent Protection Activity— This panel shows the latest job details, including when it occurred and how long each stage took to complete. If the job did not succeed, that will be displayed as well. 
  4. Job Health Status History - Last 30 Days—This graph shows a history of job health over 30 days. Each day is represented with a color: red for troubled, yellow for warnings, and green for healthy. 
  5. Recovery Wizard—Click this button to launch the Recovery Wizard. You can recover data, run a virtual machine, virtualize an office in the cloud, export a virtual disk, or conduct a Bare Metal Restore from this wizard.
  6. Alert SettingsClick this button to set custom alert thresholds for this job. Note that doing so will override the default thresholds set at the Service level.
  7. Job at a GlanceThis panel shows local and cloud policies and thresholds. Click the logging in link to log into its device.