5. Devices - x360Recover Manager

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at January 31st, 2024

The Device List displays a list of devices, separated into tabs by health status. Click the Filters button to display a list of filters, including: 

  • Client
  • Service
  • Vault
  • Package

You can also sort the table by clicking on any column name. 

Click the Download (csv) button to download a csv list of all devices. It includes all of the data from the table, including Health Status and Latest Local/Vault/Cloud RP. 

Click into the Device Name to view its Device Details page. Alternatively, click anywhere else in the row to expand the row and view more details, including jobs. Click the View Device button to view its Device Details page. Click the Login button to directly log into the device. 

The Device List also allows you to view devices based on health status. You can then quickly isolate and address devices with issues that need to be resolved.

  • Troubled—devices that are outside of the Protection Policy Threshold for the freshest recovery point. These devices are marked with a red health status symbol.
  • Warned—devices that are outside of the Protection Policy Threshold for loss of connectivity, or the most recent cloud replication occurred with errors. These devices are marked with an orange health status symbol.
  • Healthy—devices that are within the Protection Policy Threshold and have had no cloud replication issues. These devices are marked with a green health status symbol.
  • Parked—devices that have been previously protected and are still registered, but no replication jobs are currently running. These devices are essentially on standby.
  • All Protected—devices protected by the Service regardless of health status.
  • Unprotected Devices—devices registered to the appliance but not currently protected.