7. Vault Details - x360Recover Manager

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at January 31st, 2024

The Vault Details page displays a view of the health status of the Vault and also provides information to help you monitor the Vault and devices.

The Vault Details page will vary slightly depending on whether you are working with a Private Cloud Vault or an Axcient Cloud Vault.

  1. Vault Message - If the vault is troubled or has warnings, this banner will explain the health status. 
  2. Vault Summary - This panel displays summary information, including Vault ID, IP Address, Software Version, Automatic Updates (opted in or not), and Tunnel Status. Click the Vault GUI button to log into the vault. Click Console to enter the Admin Console. 
  3. Protection Snapshot - This panel shows the services within the vault, and how much data each consumes. 
  4. Configure Vault - Click this button to edit vault alerts and thresholds. 
  5. Protection at a Glance - This panel shows what devices, services, and clients are being protected by the vault. 
  6. Vault Storage Summary - This panel shows how much data is being stored in the vault. 
  7. Devices - This is a list of devices protected by the vault. Click into a Device Name to view the Device Details page. Click anywhere else in the row to expand and view the jobs within that Device. Click the View Device button to view the Device Details page.