Timings - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 16th, 2021

Check for license changes. If licenses can't be validated for more than 2 days, all the licenses will be revoked and set to 0. All backups will stop until the license can be validated. Once validated, the backup operations will resume.

   Every: 4 Hours


Agent Status:

Check if the agent is connected to appliance.

Every: 1 Minute


Boot VM Check:

Boot last backup and capture screenshot. Happens sequentially for the bootvm check enabled systems.

Everyday at: 2 AM


Update Check:

Check for software update/patches.

Everyday at: 3 AM


Network Recovery :

Check the status of network recovery.

Every: 15 Minutes


ZFS Disk Usage:

 Check ZFS pool usage and raise alert when more than 80% is used.

Every: 30 Minutes


ZFS pool status:

 Check the status of the ZFS pool online/degraded/faulted and raise alert in case of issues.

Every: 15 Minutes


Snapshot Aging:

Delete old snapshots.

EveryDay at: 1 AM


Alerts Aging:

Delete old Alerts

Every 15 minutes


Job Aging:

Delete old Jobs (Backup Jobs, Vault Jobs, Conversion Jobs)

EveryDay at: 00:40 AM


Out of Sync:

Appliance checks the snapshots in the vault and raises alert if vault is out of sync based on the number of days set in the vault settings.

EveryDay at: 04:10 AM


Vault ZFS data import:

Import ZFS data received from appliance into vault.

Every: 15 Minutes


Reloading of scheduler's:

The backup and vault scheduler's are reloaded for the changes to take effect.


@14 minutes past the hour 

@29 minutes past the hour

@44 minutes past the hour

@59 minutes past the hour


Appliance initial backup new machine check:

Between the start and stop time of the initial backup, frequently check for new machines added and start backup.

Every: 15 Minutes between start and end time


x360Recover Management Portal:

Once the appliance/vault are registered to the management portal, the data (about the protected system and the stats) is pulled only during the next sync interval.

Every: 1Hour