Jul 2020 - Private Cloud v 2.8.0 Release Notes - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


     Private Cloud Package 


  • Web Portal 2.20.0
  • Albatross
  • Synced Tool for Windows
  • Synced Tool for macOS


  • July 2020


  • Microsoft 365 Integration
  • Add the server side support of the thin client
  • Deliver the new UI design to Private Cloud partners
  • Upgrade Apache to 2.4.43
  • Upgrade to Python 3



Manual installation

Some partners prefer to try the new version on their test environment before it is officially released.

To try the release candidate of the x360Sync Private Cloud 2.8.0, please download the Private Cloud installer here. This link is available for use through August 31, 2020.

Please note: The current release candidate contains a known issue that will be fixed before the official release: In some cases, emails with non-ASCII characters are not getting sent.

You probably have noticed the increased pace of new releases for the Web Portal. We have been working  hard to update our products with a simple concept in mind: the more frequently we roll out functionality, the faster we receive feedback. The changes you see are the result of multiple iterations to make our new x360 Portal modern, user-friendly, and more powerful than before. Below are some of the features now included in x360Sync Private Cloud package 2.8.0.

New design

The main purpose of the past few releases has been to enhance the user interface (UI) of the Web Portal's look and feel and to align it with our x360 Portal. The highlights of the benefits of the new design are described in this article: Introducing New x360Sync Design. Take a look at some of the changes and try them out. We believe you will love the experience.

new-web-portal-design.jpgMicrosoft 365 Integration

This integration is one of the most exciting new features of version 2.8.0, and is something our partners have been waiting for. If your organization has access to a commercial Microsoft 365 subscription, you now can use x360Sync for editing files on the web with Microsoft 365 apps , such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This feature allows users to create, open, and edit Microsoft 365 Shared Files from within the Web Portal. Files are saved automatically during the editing session, with all versions tracked. 


Please find detailed information about the new x360Sync Microsoft 365 user experience in this guide.

Please Note: To use x360Sync with Microsoft 365 on Private Cloud, partners must enroll in the Microsoft 365 Cloud Storage Partner Program.


Upgrade to Apache 2.4.43 

This version includes Apache 2.4.43, including the latest security fixes. Please find more details in the Apache 2.4.43 change log.

List of Web Portal versions included

Please find below the full list of versions included in this Private Cloud package.


  • Improve visibility of cross-organization Team Share subscriptions
  • Address unintentional deletion of Team Share invitations


  • Modernize the look and feel of the Web Portal UI
  • Unify the UX with the x360 Portal
  • Introduce a responsive interface for the Web Portal


  • Introduce the modernized look and feel for the admin interface
  • Align Web Portal's UX with the x360 Portal


  • Extend the modernized look and feel to the most used pages of the admin interface
  • Align the Web Portal's UX with the x360 Portal
 2.12  +
  • Complete the modernization of the Web Portal look and feel for admins
  • Align Web Portal's UX with x360 Portal
  • Modernize the Web Portal look and feel for guest users
  • Align the Web Portal UX with the x360 Portal
  • Deliver integration with Microsoft 365
  • Share links UX and security improvements
  • Extend the  integration with Microsoft 365 
  • Improve UX of shared files
  • Fixes for opening Shared Files
  • Resolve issue with email server configuration


Throughout each version, we rolled out improvements as they became available. Here is a complete list of all the improvements we have made during the past few months:

  • Introduced the Invited and Accepted status for cross-organization Team Share subscriptions.
  • Updated the UI and color schema for a better UX for Standard Users by presenting the main menu as a left sidebar.
  • Grouped the Account settings, x360Sync download, and Log out pages and hid them under a horizontal drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the web page.
  • Added the Search files field in the header of all Standard User pages so they quickly can find the content they are interested in from anywhere.
  • Increased the text size of menu item labels for better readability and easier searching.
  • Removed the header highlighted bar to promote more white space and make the interface less busy.
  • Changed the primary color to orange in alignment with x360 Portal.
  • Added the orange color as a hover over hyperlinks and the main menu items to provide a clear indication of the item to click.
  • Updated the Organization dashboard, which brought the new UI design to the Admin's attention and enabled them to take advantage of the upgraded look and feel.
  • Updated the Accounts section of the Administrator's interface by adding more space to the web browser window to allocate account information and interactive elements including tabs and buttons as well as larger fonts.
  • Placed Standard and Administrator Accounts, Groups, and Guests into the Accounts section.
  • Presented Administrator Account emails as a separate column.
  • Rearranged the buttons in the Edit column and renamed the column to Manage.
  • Created a drawer menu to allow an Administrator to click on the organization name from the top left corner of any page for easier navigation, added breadcrumbs, and made the UI responsive so administrators could access the Web Portal from any mobile device.
  • Added a new look and feel for guest users and made the UI for guest users responsive so they can access share links and the management experience.
  • Retired the classic UI.
  • Integrated x360Sync with commercial-licensed Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • Extended password reset links so they expire only after a successful password change (or after 30 minutes).
  • Concealed user's input in the Authentication Code when a two-factor authentication code is being entered.
  • Enabled previewed shared files by clicking the left mouse button.


  • While making the pending invitations visible for administrators, we also fixed scenarios that could lead to unintentional deletion of an invitation. 
  • Fixed issues causing misrepresentation of custom branding in some cases for Standard users.
  • Fixed the inability to generate an email with a report attachment, when using the built-in email server.
  • Fixed issues with sending emails for public and secure share links.
  • Resolved the issues with downloading a folder that contains files with non-ASCII characters in the name
  • Fixed the sorting order for Team Shares when sorting by name

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