Sep 2020 - Synced Tool for iOS Version v 4.15 Release Notes - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


     Synced Tool for iOS 




     September 2020


  • Enable biometrics to unlock the app
  • Improve the app security with a simplified unlocking experience


New features

Use Face ID or Touch ID biometrics

If you've been waiting for a way to bypass entering your iOS passcode each time you open the app's passcode screen, then this is the release for you.

x360Sync for iOS just added the ability to use biometrics on the passcode screen rather than entering a passcode manually. This means you can use either the Face ID and the Touch ID features of your iOS device.

While biometrics are convenient, the device sensors have limitations. In some situations, they may fail to read. (For example, if a user is wearing gloves for Touch ID or when the front camera view is unclear.) For those situations, we made the passcode an option. A user is still able to use the passcode separately from biometrics, and for enabling biometric authentication, a user has to set a passcode.

1. To set up biometrics unlocking on a device, navigate to Settings within the x360Sync application. 

2. Find the new section Use biometric authentication. 

3. Enable biometrics authentication by tapping on the corresponding toggle switch.

Please note: If multiple users have configured biometric parameters on one device, they will all be able to unlock the app. A user will see a warning about this when setting up the biometric authentication. To proceed, the user should indicate acknowledgement by tapping Agree and Proceed.

1.png      2.png

4. To help users set up the biometrics, the app will then guide them through the configuration steps. 

Depending on the device and previous settings, users will be presented with the following steps: 

  • Set up a passcode, if one wasn't set up previously
  • Provide system permissions for the app to access biometric authentication
  • Confirm the biometric sensors are working as expected. (Depending on the device, this will be either Face ID or Touch ID.) 

Once the user completes the configuration steps, they'll be able to unlock the app by holding the device with the front camera pointed to their face, or touching the fingerprint sensor.


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