x360Sync Private Cloud Version 2.7.2 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 23rd, 2021


    x360Sync private cloud installer




  • Manual installation accessible from March 30 to April 6 2020
  • Auto update on April 6 2020


  • Address the security vulnerabilities of Apache Server
  • Deliver the modernized look and feel of the Web Portal


  • Application Server
  • Web Portal
  • Synced Tool for Windows 
  • Synced Tool for macOS



Manual installation

 Some partners prefer to try a new version on their test environment before the new version is officially released.

To try this version as a new installation or to update an existing environment, please download the Private Cloud installer here.  (Link available for use through April 6, 2020.)


Apache upgrade 

The Apache server is open source web server software used to power the Axcient x360Sync Web Portal. 

This release contains an update from Apache version 2.4.38 to Apache version 2.4.41. Between these versions, multiple security vulnerabilities were addressed, and we highly recommend that all private cloud x360Sync partners upgrade to this latest version. 

No manual steps are required: Apache will be upgraded during a regular x360Sync Private Cloud update procedure. 

Useful links:

Web Portal 2.7.4

Recent improvements in the Axcient x360Sync Web Portal focused on enriching admin and regular user experiences with new functionality, in addition to polishing the core feature set. Given that focus, the overall look and feel of the Web Portal did not receive the love it deserves.

With version 2.7.4, we are starting the process of reviewing the Web Portal user experience.
Thanks to your feedback, we have big plans, and this version is just the first step. Our goals are to modernize the look and feel of the Web Portal and establish a new communication channel via in-product release notes.

Please find more information about the Web Portal 2.7.4 in this article.

Stay current with our latest plans for improving the x360Sync Web Portal UX here .


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