Onboarding - x360Sync Playbook

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 16th, 2024

   Welcome to Axcient x360Sync onboarding 

This onboarding playbook will help you work with x360Sync's capabilities, increasing your team  productivity and collaboration..

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Onboarding task What's involved? What are my options? Documentation
1. Access the x360Portal This is where you register and log into your Axcient x360Portal  The x360Portal is the gateway to all of your Axcient x360 products.  You can configure users and contacts, manage billing, contact support and access training Introduction to the x360Portal
2. Configure users Add users and grant them access to x360Sync   Basic users are restricted to read-only access to submit support tickets, access training and (if granted) access x360Sync Navigate the x360 portal    
3. Pay your bill Pay invoices and get details on usage Contact our Customer Service team to enable this section for an Admin or Accountant portal user How to pay your Axcient invoice with the x360Portal
4. Find people Find contact info for your Axcient Partner Success Team and other resources    Navigate the x360 portal
5. Get help from Support

Submit tickets to our support team Technical support tickets       
Feature requests        

How to submit a Support ticket
How to request a feature  

How to view the product roadmap
6. Training Schedule free, live, one-on-one training or access DIY resources Your team can take self-paced certification courses on our products, do some DIY research in our knowledgebase or opt for live one-on-one training with our experts  Certification courses (x360Portal login required)  

Knowledgebase (DIY)  

Free, live, one-on-one training
7. Prepare for installation System Requirements Hardware and operating system requirements x360Sync System Requirements

8. Add organizations and users to x360Sync Create an organizational tree Adding organizations and users 

Planning worksheet for organizations - x360Sync

 Create a new organization - x360Sync

 Create and manage accounts and machines - x360Sync

9. Configure x360Sync Policies Create organization and user policies for x360Sync Configure max file size, retention and sync exclusions

Update settings and policies for an organization

Configure data retention policies for an organizatio

 Manage inherited policies in suborganizations 

Files and extensions excluded from the sync process

10. Create team shares

Create shares
Creating folders and files for sharing between users
Create a new team share
11. Install and register agents Install agents and register to cloud server
Prepare workstations for syncing to x360Sync

Install, register and configure the Desktop Client

12. Add user backups

Configure backups
Configure user backups
Backups - x360Sync
13. Configure notifications and alerts View reports and logs, configure email notifications, and configure PSA integration

View and download audit logs       

Configure ConnectWise  

Configure email alerts & status reports

Navigate your Reseller portal in x360Sync

Integrate with ConnectWise

Create reports


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