Jun 2021 - Private Cloud v Release Notes - x360Sync


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021


  • Windows Thick Client
  • Windows Thin Client
  • MacOS Thick Client
  • Web 2.47.1
  • Outlook Add-in



     June 9, 2021


  • Updated install/upgrade processes to prevent potential errors from occurring
  • Fixed an issue where certain agents would not register
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with pre-install software
  • Removed beta language for Thin Client [More information on Thin Client]
  • Updated how the patcher computes versions 


  • Private Cloud components have been updated to latest versions
  • Private Cloud has been updated to make Thin Client optional


How to enable Thin Client

In order to use Thin Client, you must turn it on.

Do this by placing the installer found here:



<install drive>:\Anchor Server\installers\

You may choose whether or not your customers have access to Thin Client by placing the file in that location.

This also means that we can release updates to Thin Client without having to release a full Private Cloud update.

More information on Thin Client


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