x360Sync Synced Tool for Android Version 4.6 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


     Synced Tool for Android 




     April 2020


  • Help users easily find files within the Synced Tool
  • Collect user feedback on new files layout


At Axcient, we are committed to improving and extending the functionality of our products. This includes updating our products with the latest security standards, tools and technologies to meet the needs of the ever-changing landscape of the software industry. This process requires us to add support for the newest operating systems and web browsers and also implies closing support for outdated ones.

Please note that starting with this release, Axcient x360Sync Synced Tool for Android ends support of the following platforms:

  • Android 2
  • Android 3
  • Android 4

Please refer to x360Sync - System Requirements for information about supported mobile platforms.

According to provided feedback, one of the features our partners are most interested in is the thumbnail files view. 

This feature contains multiple parts: 

  • A view that can provide enough real estate for thumbnails to show the preview of a file and be recognizable - Grid view
  • The ability to switch between the files List view to the Grid view and back
  • A way to show the status of a file on its thumbnail

New features

Thumbnail support

With version 4.6, Synced Tool for Android now supports thumbnail view for these file types:

   Documents    Images    Video files
    .pdf, .txt    .jpg, .gif, .png, .ico    .mp4, .mov (starting from Android 10)

In order to show a thumbnail version of the file, the file must be pinned. Otherwise it will show a generic placeholder image. Learn more about pinning files.

Grid view

This release introduces the My Files grid view which allows extra space for displaying file thumbnails. 

The new Grid view provides all of the functionality of the current List view. That way, we provide the same experience as the native Android Files application.



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Please contact your Partner Success Manager or Support if you have any questions. 

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