x360Sync Web Portal 2.10.0 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


    x360Sync Web Portal 




     Global SaaS: April 20 through April 25 2020


  • Introduce the modernized look and feel for the Admin interface
  • Align Web Portal's user experience with the x360 Portal

With Web Portal version 2.9.0 we introduced the modernized look and feel for the Standard User pages.

This release contains the first stage of updates to the Administrator experience. 

New features 

Organization dashboard 

Our goal is to rapidly roll out the modernized UI, both to empower our partners to adopt it and to encourage early feedback. 

This is why we are addressing the most visited pages first. According to our statistics, the Organization dashboard is the most visited page by Admin users. By updating the Organization dashboard, we are bringing the new design to the Admin's attention and enabling them to take advantage of the upgraded look and feel.

Classic UI
New UI


Switch between designs

While upgrading the Web Portal, we don't want the new design to get in the way of the Admin's work. To avoid that, we've added a switch (located in the header) between the new look and the Classic look. 

Note: For Admins, the Classic look is turned ON by default. 

Admins can switch to the new look by clicking on the Switch to new design! button in the Organization dashboard header. 

Please find the switch between the Classic look and the new look in the header of both designs. The position of the switch persists even after logging out or closing the browser.

     Classic UI switch      New UI switch




Future Improvements

To enable early feedback from our partners regarding the updated look and feel, we've limited the scope of this release to updates for the Organization dashboard and Reports pages. The rest of the pages are shown in the Classic look.

This diagram highlights the updated pages with the "New" badge. new1.jpg



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