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Updated at November 29th, 2023

Axcient understands the importance of your Axcient appliance investment, which is why we offer several warranties and optional services to support your new deployment. These warranty options are available for you to select when you purchase your new appliance. For details on how to purchase a new appliance from Axcient, please refer to Order BDR appliances

Standard 3-Year Warranty 

Axcient includes a standard 3-year warranty on all x360Recover appliances at no additional cost in your purchase. (This warranty does not apply to build-your-own appliances). 

The standard 3-year warranty includes comprehensive technical support via email, remote, and phone. 

  • For your convenience, we also offer 2nd-day advanced part replacements for easily accessible components such as hard drives, memory, fans, or power supplies. (More details on this service are provided below)
  • In cases where component replacement involves a more invasive process,  Axcient is committed to providing a hassle-free solution. That's why we offer complete system replacements, using our meticulously-refurbished inventory.

Extended 4-Year or 5-Year Warranty (Mini and Rack)

You have the option to purchase a one-year or two-year warranty extension, over and above the included standard 3-Year warranty, at an additional cost. 

  • All warranty extensions must always occur within the current warranty period.
  • The Axcient Extended Warranty, available for 4 or 5 years at an additional cost, offers the same benefits as the standard 3-year warranty.
  • Extended warranties are available for all x360Recover BDR appliances, excluding ECO models manufactured before March 2022. For further details, please consult the FAQ section.

Your options when ordering an extended warranty:
•    At the time of a new order, you can select a 4-year or 5-year warranty from the drop-down menu when you purchase a new BDR appliance through the x360Portal. For details, refer to Order BDR appliances
•    After the initial appliance order but before the current warranty period elapses, please contact us at customerservice@axcient.com  to request a quote on purchasing an extended warranty. Please provide your device's serial number and desired warranty length.

2nd Day Air Advanced Parts Replacement service

We understand it’s imperative to have your system readily available in the event of a hardware failure. 

That's why Axcient includes a 2nd-day Air Advanced Parts Replacement service on all Axcient x360Recover appliances. This service enables us to quickly ship replacement parts to minimize any downtime. The 2nd-day-air Advanced Parts Replacement service allows for replacement parts to be shipped within 2 business days.

  • When returning a replacement part, we give you up to 14-days from the time the replacement part ships to return the defective part or BDR. 
  • When returning a damaged part, please use the same packaging that the new part arrived in, as well using as the paid return shipping label that arrives with your new part.

Note: If the part is not returned within the 14-day window, you will be invoiced for the replacement part.

Note: Field Upgrade Kits are available for the Mini-Gen2 and Rack-Gen2 Appliances only.

What voids the warranty?

  • Any kind of modification or service to the unit will automatically void the warranty. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to make any changes or adjustments to the unit unless authorized to do so by our Support department.
  • Only SSDs with special firmware from the manufacturer are supported. Attempted use of unsupported SSDs will void all support and all warranties.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

For Axcient Terms and Condition of Sale and Warranty Entitlement, please visit Axcient.com

For detailed information on purchasing your preferred warranty option or Field Upgrade Kits, please review Order BDR appliances.

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