Feb 20 2020 - v 2.6.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 12th, 2021




      February 20th 2020


  • Higher reliability of backup process that does not require Global Admin credentials.
  • Full compatibility when enabling MFA for all Office 365 accounts in an organization.
  • Support for backup of Shared Mailboxes in x360.
  • Audit Logs preview for a reseller user in x360 (beta).


New Features

Audit Logs (beta)

To further expand the value of the x360 platform, we are introducing Audit Logs (beta) in x360Cloud (the x360Cloud new UI).

Now x360Cloud resellers can see a list of historical activities that occurred in the x360Cloud system. This is the first of many phases to grant full audit capabilities to our partners.

Events that are represented in the Audit Logs include:

  • Search
  • Restore
  • User sign in/out
  • Deletion of objects and their versions
  • User updated organization settings 



OAuth tokens

In x360Cloud version 2.6.0,  we are introducing a new version of the Microsoft 365 connector that is compliant with Microsoft’s recent enforcement of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  

The x360Cloud - Microsoft 365 connector now authenticates to Microsoft 365 via OAuth tokens instead of the former basic authorization via Microsoft 365 Global Admin credentials. This change requires users to grant permissions to the x360Cloud Azure application per organization (see details at How to grant new permissions required in v.2.6.0 ) and provides the following benefits:

  • After granting access permission to the x360Cloud Azure app, Global Admin credentials are no longer required for the backup process.
  • There is no limitation when enabling MFA for all of an organization's accounts, according to the security recommendation from Microsoft. MFA delivers a strong authentication through a range of verification options (More details: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/identity-protection/howto-identity-protection-configure-mfa-policy ).
  • A more simplified way of creating a new organization and connecting services is provided with this approach, because there is no need to set up impersonation with a Global Admin account and therefore there is no need to manage those credentials. (Updated guidelines: /hc/en-us/articles/360036949114-Create-a-x360Cloud-Organization)
  • Higher reliability of the backup process is available, which does not require Global Admin credentials after permissions are granted to the x360Cloud Azure application. (Previously, basic authorization via global admin credentials required partners and customers to make sure that the credentials are always up to date. Outdated credentials were, by far, the most frequent cause for failing Exchange scans.)
  • This improvement keeps us aligned with Microsoft and the global technology trend toward the REST-based Graph API.

Backup of Shared Mailboxes without Office 365 licenses

Following feedback from x360 clients, we are enabling selection for backup of Shared Mailboxes that do not have Office 365 licenses. This implies the following related changes:

  • The updated option to “Automatically add all new MS Office 365 user accounts and shared mailboxes” will now select all new user accounts and new shared mailboxes regardless of license state.

Note: Existing accounts and shared mailboxes are not automatically selected for backup when the user is toggling the “Automatically add all new MS Office 365 user accounts and shared mailboxes” checkbox; only newly discovered ones are.

  • The 'Skip shared mailboxes’ checkbox is removed from the x360Cloud UI.


Previously, if/when an Office 365 license was revoked from a user account (or a shared mailbox), x360Cloud automatically de-selected the account from backup during the regular synchronization.

Now, in version 2.6.0, such an account will not be automatically de-selected in x360Cloud , making it easier to ensure a continuous data backup regardless of license state, with no user interventions.


We've completed fixes for miscellaneous issues reported by users, which negatively affected the user experience.

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