Remove licenses - x360Recover

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at October 24th, 2023

You can change licensing models at any point in time. When updating licensing models, consider the following:

  • Endpoint licenses are cumulative; you can add additional license packs over time to meet your needs.
  • You can only assign one Storage license at a time to a location.
  • Endpoint and Storage licenses are mutually exclusive. You can only assign one or the other to a location.

If you need to switch licensing models, you will first need to remove all assigned licenses and then add the new license type.


If you are replicating protected systems to the Axcient Cloud and you remove a protected system from an appliance, you will also need to delete the protected system from the vault to avoid future billing.

Any protected system remaining in the Axcient Cloud will be billed a full month at the bundled endpoint license rate, whether it still exists in its original appliance or not.

1. From the License Management left pane menu, click to expand User Management and then select Licenses.

2. Locate the appropriate Customer and Location within the main window.

3. Click the Manage button. The Manage Location window displays.

4. Find the license you would like to remove and click the Delete button. You can remove a Protected System from the Axcient Cloud from the Vault Web interface.

5. Alternatively, you can remove a Protected System from the Appliance Web interface, which allows you to also delete the Protected System from the vault.