Retrieve logs from the Mac desktop client - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 14th, 2022


When the x360Sync desktop client is not synchronizing as expected, the first step in diagnosis is to gather logs and other support information from the x360Sync desktop client and deliver the zipped folder to Axcient Support.

This article describes how to gather logs and other support information from a desktop client running on a Mac.


1. Click the Spotlight magnifying glass in the upper right of the Mac menu bar to open the Spotlight search bar.

2. In the Spotlight Search dialog box, type "Terminal" and hit the return key. The Terminal application opens.

3. Copy and paste the following commands to gather the different items into a new folder created on the desktop:

cp -r /Library/Logs/SyncedTool ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs
cp -r /etc/anchor/reg.db ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs
cp -r /etc/anchor/db ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs
cp -r /Applications/ ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs
cd ~/Desktop
zip -r ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs ~/Desktop/X360SyncLogs

4. As a best practice, send the newly created .ZIP file to Axcient x360Sync support through file transfer, email, or share link. 

You can also retrieve logs from the Windows desktop client, and from the Machines tab in the administrative web portal.