Do not use hardware RAID with ZFS pool - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 12th, 2021

ZFS is actually not just a filesystem; it's a suite of tools and a volume manager with RAID capabilities.

Instead of mixing ZFS RAID with hardware RAID, it is recommended that you place your hardware RAID controller in JBOD mode and let ZFS handle the RAID. ZFS cannot use its native capabilities to protect the data when using a hardware RAID controller, as it is not able to perform automatic self-healing unless it controls the redundancy of the disks and the data. ZFS prefers direct, exclusive access to the disks, with nothing in between that interferes.   

If utilizing iSCSI, do not carve out LUNs on the SAN. Present raw LUNS to x360Recover and use x360Recoverto build your RAID5 or RAID6. 

In all environments, using RAID0 in your x360Recover ZFS Pool in any fashion is not supported for production. This coincides with the pop-up message stating RAID0 is not supported in production when creating your x360Recover storage pool.  

Learn more about RAID here


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