x360Sync Web Portal 2.9.0 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


    x360Sync Web Portal 




     April 2020


  • Modernize the look and feel of the Web Portal user interface
  • Unify the user experience with the x360 Portal
  • Introduce a responsive interface for the Web Portal

Witnessing the historic events that have unfolded with the COVID-19 pandemic, we've decided to fast-track the initiatives that we believe can help our partners to enable the remote workforce. One of those initiative is the modernization of the look and feel of the Web Portal.  

With this release, we are excited to present a set of changes to modernize the Regular User experience.

Please see this announcement explaining other steps we've taken to help our partners in these trying times.

New features and improvements


The navigation changes which are most noticeable include

  • The main menu is now presented as a left sidebar. Modern screens have a wide width providing more horizontal real estate, which we decided to use for the main menu. This lets us use the vertical space for other action items applicable to the specific page. The sidebar menu also allows us to add more menu items and has the potential to be hidden under a collapsible panel.
  • We grouped the "Account settings", "Client download", and "Log out" pages and hid them under a drop-down menu. This solution makes the interface less busy, reduces the chances of accidental logouts, and provides scalability for adding extra menu items.
  • The Search files field has been added in the header of all Regular User pages, so users can quickly find the content they are interested in, from anywhere.
  • We increased the text size of menu item labels for better usability and ease of searching.  

Color schema 

  • The header highlighted bar has been removed to promote more white space and make the interface less busy.
  • The primary color has changed to orange (#f26e21) in alignment with x360 Portal.
  • We added the orange color as a hover over hyperlinks and the main menu items, to provide a clear indication of the item to be clicked. 
Classic UI:
New UI:

 Ability to switch between views

We understand that it takes time to learn new things.

To help with this, we've added a switch between the new Web UX and the Classic UI. The switch is present on those pages which are available in both the new Web UX and the Classic UI. Eventually, all the pages will be replaced by the new Web UX.

Please find Switch to classic and Switch to new design in the Classic UI and new UX, accordingly.

Also, to prepare users for these changes, we've added an introduction banner that highlights the ability to switch to Classic UI if they feel like it. 


Responsive UI

To enable x360Sync users to utilize the functionality of the Web Portal on mobile devices, we are introducing a responsive layout.

Navigation, padding and font sizes are now presented depending on the user's device screen size.


Future Improvements

To enable early feedback from our partners regarding the updated look and feel, we limited the scope of this release to include only the updates for Regular User workflows; the rest of the pages are shown in Classic look. 

Future releases will include the expansion of the new look and feel to the pages accessible for Guest Accounts and Admins.

This diagram highlights the overlap between different user types. Note that the pages with the new look have the "New" badge. mceclip0.png



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