x360Sync Synced Tool for Android Version 4.5 Release Notes

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021


     Synced Tool for Android 




     February 2020


  • Enable editing of documents directly from the Synced Tool
  • Allow users to quickly limit access to shared content
  • Align the icon set with the Web Portal


New features

Direct editing of Office 365 files from Synced Tool

In previous versions of Axcient x360Sync Synced Tool for Android, a user was able to open Office 365 documents from Synced Tool only in the "Read Only" mode. To edit a file and secure it in the Synced Tool, a user needed to save the file to the device's local storage, edit it there, and copy the file to Synced Tool.

Now, with Synced Tool 4.5 for Android, when a user opens an Office 365 document from Synced Tool, they can start editing the document without any extra hassle. 

If Autosave is turned on in an Office 365 application, the file changes will sync up to the server automatically. Otherwise, the file will be uploaded each time a user saves it.

The upload progress is displayed in the notification area. In cases when a user doesn't have permissions to edit the file, a message about limited permissions is also displayed in the notification area.

You can try this new editing feature if you have Office 365 applications installed.

File formats supported for editing are: *.docx, *xlsx, *.pptx.

Share Links management

In x360Sync Synced Tool for Android Version 4.3 we introduced the Share Links management experience for mobile. Version 4.5 now includes an extension to that experience and a first step in editing Share Links settings from mobile. 

Change expiry date of a share link.

Now a user can perform the following operations with a selected Share Link from mobile:

  • set an expiry date on a Share Link,
  • change the existing expiry date,
  • make a Share Link permanent

This functionality is handy when you want to quickly extend or reduce the access time to the shared content. 


Change permissions of anonymous users.

Starting with Version 4.5, a mobile device user can allow anonymous users to edit shared files, or restrict them to read-only access.



Axcient x360Sync Web Portal version 2.7.4 introduced a modernized look and feel to the user interface, including a new set of icons.

At Axcient, we believe icons are helpful when navigating in the apps interface and browsing files, and it is essential to represent actions and file types the same way on all the platforms. 

That's why in Version 4.5 of the app, we've aligned the action icons and file types icons with the new look of the Axcient x360Sync Web Portal user interface. 


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