Protected system has no connectivity in live mode with a nested VM

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 13th, 2022

Use at your own risk

x360Recover does not support virtual installations of appliances and vaults in production.  


Appliance or vault is running as a virtual machine on VMware.

When performing a live virtualization of a protected system recovery point, the running machine can get a DHCP address but has no network connectivity


Modify the properties of the virtualized appliance/vault . 

Change the network adapter from “E1000” to VMXNET3”

IMPORTANT - Do not use the VMware GUI tools to remove and re-add the network card, as this will change the adapter MAC address. Changing the network card can break the back-end engine and require a reset to factory defaults to recover.

Instead, perform the following:

1. Shut down the affected virtual appliance or vault.

2. From the ESX console or VMware client, enable the ESX shell and SSH

3. Connect to the ESX host via SSH

4. Change directory to /vmfs/volumes/<data store name>/<guest server name>


When typing in the path, press <Tab> to complete the path name automatically.  Press <Tab> twice to enumerate all possible choices at this point.

5. Use ‘vi’ to edit the virtual machine definition file <server name>.vmx


For those unfamiliar with ‘vi’

  • Navigate the document with PgUp/PgDn and cursor keys like any other word processor
  • Press ‘I’ to enable Insert (editing) mode
  • Press <ESC> to exit Insert mode
  • Press ‘:qw’ to exit the editor and save changes
  • If you make a mistake and would like to exit without saving changes, press ‘:q!’
  • Locate the line ethernet0.virtualDev = “e1000”
  • Edit and change “e1000” to “vmxnet3”

Save and exit from ‘vi’

6. Power on the appliance/vault and wait for it to completely boot and mount the storage pool.

7. Proceed with live virtualization. Running machines will now have network access.

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