Replace a failed disk in the Backup Storage Pool

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 15th, 2023

1. If your pool has lost a disk, but the RAID is still intact (you have not lost two disks in a RAID5 or three disks in a RAID6), your pool will be in a degraded state. 


2. Use the Storage Pool drop-down to find the Failed Disk(s) section. Here you should see your failed disk.  


3. Next, physically replace the failed disk. 

  • The size of the replacement disk must be equal to or greater than the failed disk.
  • The sector size should be the same as what was used to create the storage pool (logical/physical)

A reboot will be required.

Note: You must re-create the disk as a RAID0 if the RAID controller is not passing the disks as JBOD. 

After you have replaced the failed disk, use the Storage Pool drop-down to find the Unused Disk(s) section. Here you should find an unused disk.


4. Return to the Failed Disk(s) section, and click Replace next to the failed disk. Select the correct Unused Disk and click Replace


5. You will see a popup notifying you that the disk is being replaced.


6. While the disk is being replaced, you will see the resilvering status under Storage Status.


7. When the resilvering process is complete, the pool will return to an Online status. 



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