Agent backups failing: Unable to create hash file - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 7th, 2023


x360Recover agent backups may fail if insufficient space exists within the agent installation path to create the required hash files used to track data changes.



Typically, the x360Recover agent is installed onto the C: drive of a Windows protected system. 

When performing backups, the agent generates a hash file used to track which blocks have already been written to the backup, as well as which blocks have changed between backups. 

  • The agent requires approximately 512MB of hash file per TB of total disk size for each volume selected for backup.

If the free space is limited on the volume where the agent has been installed,  or if the total size of one or more disks selected for backups is large, there may be insufficient free space to create the hash files -  and the backup will fail. 


You may solve this issue by either 

(a) Expanding the size of the C: drive  to make space for the required hash files, (presuming the agent is installed on C:) 


(b) Reinstalling the agent onto a different volume with sufficient free space to accommodate the hash files.

How to reinstall the agent onto a different path

To reinstall the agent onto a different path, perform the following steps:

STEP 1. Uninstall the agent from Control Panel -> Programs and Features. 

NOTE: After uninstallation, the previous agent install folder will still remain, containing some critical files necessary for reinstallation.

STEP 2. Copy the original agent installation folder to a new volume location where you wish to reinstall it.

STEP 3. Run the agent installer and specify the new target path where you copied the original agent folder.

STEP 4. Verify the agent services are installed and running. 




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