Jun 12 2021 - Manager

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 1st, 2024




 Release Date:

     June 12, 2021

Introducing x360Recover Manager single sign-on (SSO) via the x360 Portal

As an x360Recover partner, you have access to Manager (formerly the Remote Management Console), a single-pane-of-glass platform for all your x360Recover tools. 

To further simplify your user experience, Axcient has enabled single sign-on (SSO) access in the x360 Portal.

With this SSO functionality, you can access Manager (and the x360Reover Product Portal) by signing in to the x360 Portal.  


Axcient is working to merge all RMC partner user accounts with the x360 Portal by the end of 2020.

Use the x360 Portal to create new accounts

If you are a primary account contact, you have x360 Portal administrator access. This allows you to create new user accounts for any staff members who might need access to the x360Recover Product Portal.

Note: Administrators no longer create new users in the x360Recover Product Portal.
Instead, you'll create new accounts within the x360 Portal.

To create new accounts in the x360 Portal:

  1. Log in to the x360 Portal.
  2. Click on the Users tab from your dashboard.
  3. Click the Create New icon (The grey plus sign).

SSO-add-new-user.jpg4. Enter information about the new account:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Organization


5. Assign the appropriate permission role:  

  • Basic = User views all information on the Dashboard, My Contacts, and Support tabs (including creating/commenting on tickets). Can also view/edit information related to their own account and newsletter preferences. Cannot modify information associated with the organization.
  • Accountant = Same as a Basic user, with added access to manage Billing.
  • Administrator  = User can view and edit all information on the x360 Portal, including creating, editing, and deleting other users accounts. Administrators can edit information related to the organization.

6. The new user will receive an email with instructions to set their password and log in to the x360Portal.
These new users can now access all subscribed Product Portals, including x360Recover Product Portal.


Use Manager to update roles for existing user accounts

While you must create new user accounts in the x360 Portal, you can update role information in the x360Recover RMC.

To update an existing user account’s role in the x360Recover Manager:

1. In the Manager, click the Users tab.


2. Click to expand the appropriate user account and then click the Edit User button.


In the Edit User dialog box, use the Role drop-down menu to select the user role, including:

  • Org Admin
  • Org Manger
  • Org Read-Only


Click the OK button to save your changes. 


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