User Experience Design Team

Written By Yuni Groff (Internal Viewer)

Updated at November 19th, 2021

Axcient's dedicated team of UX (user experience) designers craft the user interface of the x360 platform. Our goal is to provide partners with solutions that are useful, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasant.

The best resource to ensure we're providing a great user experience is you -- the users! It's valuable for us to continuously check in around your needs and how you use our products. 

If you're interested in meeting with the UX team to provide feedback, email us at

We also design clickable demos to showcase upcoming features or improvements. When we're ready for feedback, we'll post the demo here and in our monthly Technical Newsletter. They typically take around 10 minutes and are available on desktop for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. 

Current Demo: Alerting in Axcient x360Portal 

This feature consolidates alerting across all Axcient products, and provides one easy place to update SLA Definitions, PSA integrations, and custom alert settings. 

Click through designs and provide feedback here: