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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 14th, 2021

To create a manual schedule:

  • Browse to the Schedule section on an appliance and click Create Schedule.
  • Add an appropriate name and adjust the Initial Backup Start and End times.
  • Now, click the dropdown for Incremental Backup and select Manual.
  • In the new Manual text field, enter the times that you would like for backups to take place.

The times must be comma separated, in a 24-hour format and contain a leading 0 (zero) if prior to 10:00 (10:00AM in the 24-hour format is simply 10:00). Example

Below are a few examples: 

Schedule Name:  6:15A - 8:15P Hourly

Manual Backup Times:   06:15,07:15,08:15,09:15,10:15,11:15,12:15,13:15,14:15,15:15,16:15,17:15,18:15,19:15,20:15


Schedule Name:  6:30A - 8:30P Hourly
Manual Backup Times:  06:30,07:30,08:30,09:30,10:30,11:30,12:30,13:30,14:30,15:30,16:30,17:30,18:30,19:30,20:30

Schedule Name:  6:45A - 8:45P Hourly
Manual Backup Times:  06:45,07:45,08:45,09:45,10:45,11:45,12:45,13:45,14:45,15:45,16:45,17:45,18:45,19:45,20:45


Along with an additional schedule that performs backs every hour on the hour, you can divide the Protected Systems up in to four backup schedules and still perform a backup on each Protected System every hour. 

This is especially useful for VM's on the same host as well as for when multiple systems are utilizing the same storage (I.E. a SAN).


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