Introduction - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 5th, 2021

Axcient x360Recover is an image-based backup and disaster recovery solution with an integrated virtual machine hypervisor, and a native off-site replication engine designed to ensure robust protection of your customers' data during the most severe site disasters.

x360Recover is licensed and delivered as a channel-only, managed services solution, available only to registered Axcient x360Recover partners. Partners can use the product to deliver a custom-branded Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, as part of an overall Managed Services business platform.

Axcient puse x360Recover to provide their customers with an on-site Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, enabling instant recovery via on-appliance virtualization. The x360Recover product provides a built-in replication engine to automatically transport every backup of your protected systems to the Axcient Enterprise Storage Cloud or your own datacenter.

The Axcient Cloud allows you to effortlessly scale from terabytes to petabytes, with 24/7 critical business support, and includes free shipment of USB storage devices to manage base system image seeding.

In addition to providing turnkey x360Recover vaults for off-site replication, and a x360Recover Global Management Portal virtual machine, you also have access to the Axcient Continuity Cloud to provide your customers with dedicated IaaS hardware in the event of a site disaster. The Axcient Continuity Cloud provides fast, off-site virtualization of your replicated servers and networks to restore your customers business critical systems when they need it most.

Axcient x360Recover is a BDR solution that is best described as an, “All-in-one Business Continuity Platform” for MSPs.

  1. Axcient offers local BDR appliances, which you purchase from Axcient. There are several tiers of appliances based on your backup and storage needs, or you can build your own device (BYOD).
  2. It includes Cloud replication/backup to a vault, to store and recover your data. This can be done either in the Axcient Cloud, or (if you have the infrastructure set up), you can vault to yourself. 
  3. It includes the Axcient x360Recover software Agent for laptops, workstations, and/or servers that you are backing up.
  4. And it includes the Global Management Portal, which gives you the capability to manage the entire platform from a ‘single pane of glass.’
  5. The x360Recover Licensing Portal is the central management point for licensing and hardware orders. After requesting to become an Axcient x360Recover Partner, and completing the initial onboarding and technical training,  you will gain access to the Axcient Licensing Portal where all of your customer accounts and license assignments are set up and managed.  Additionally, the x360Recover Licensing Portal is where you place orders for Axcient x360Recover BDR Appliances if you choose to do so. 

Axcient x360Recover appliances ship pre-configured for your customer deployment, and may also be shipped directly to your customer’s location.

Important note: Axcient requires that new partners complete a short training session on how to access, and use the Licensing Portal prior to receiving your login credentials.

x360Recover includes a license for replication of every protected system to an off-site vault. You may choose to replicate your customer’s data to:

A. the Axcient Storage Cloud, or

B. your own data center.

 Other features of x360Recover include:

  • Chain-free backups. Many image-based backup solutions on the market rely on chain-based technology to perform backups. With these solutions, if there is ever a corruption or deletion of one of the recovery points in the chain, the back-up chain is essentially rendered inoperable.
  • With x360Recover, each back up is independent of the other, which is critical should anything compromise one of the subsequent backups.
  • Another key feature is automated testing and verification. So rather than putting labor efforts towards constantly testing your backups, x360Recover will actually do this for you automatically, saving you time and resources. It can reduce or even eliminate the need to manually test your backups.
  • Finally, x360Recover has deep ConnectWise integration.This means that you can:
    • monitor all of the deployed Appliances and Vaults that are being used,
    • obtain back up status alerts,
    • receive storage alerts, utilization alerts, and many other statistics and reporting. 



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