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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 8th, 2021

Automatic Updates
All components of  can be configured to automatically receive and deploy updates.

Bare Metal Recovery
Leveraging our suite of easy to use tools and utilities, quickly recover your protected systems directly back to bare metal servers once your failed hardware has been replaced.

Partners can provide their own Branding and Logo's to customize the product, and create their own Branded Business Solution

Central Licensing Server
All licensing and customer account configuration are managed by the Partner from a central licensing server web portal at

Centralized Management
Securely access and manage all of your devices and protected systems from the central Management Server. Managed devices establish a secure tunnel with the management server without requiring custom firewall rules or port forwarding at the Customer site.

Chain-Free (No Snapshot Dependencies)
Each incremental snapshot is an independent recovery point on the Appliance or Vault. There are no time consuming roll-ups that can become corrupted or otherwise break a dependency chain to cause recovery failures or force reseeding of base images.

Consolidate multiple Appliances or Vaults into a single management cluster to aggregate reporting and license usage. (Clustering of management functions only; does not apply to storage pools)

ConnectWise Integration
Integrates directly with ConnectWise for ticketing and billing. Supports two-way ticketing status, and synchronization to any service board. Integrates with billing to provide flat monthly cost plus off-site cloud per-gigabyte usage tracking and billing.

Easy Data Migration
Protected system recovery points and metadata may easily be migrated between Appliances and Vaults to preserve retention during hardware upgrades and/or replacements

Email Alerting
Support for alerts by Email to simplify integration with other PSA and monitoring tools. Provides Email alert management and filtering by alert class to reduce ticketing noise.

Any recovery point can be exported as a virtual disk file, to either local or USB storage connected to the Appliance or Vault. Supported formats offer easy integration with VMware, Hyper-V (Gen1 and Gen2), VirtualBox, Xen, KVM and other Hypervisor platforms.

Flexible Scheduling
Create multiple backup schedules running at staggered intervals or manually defined times to distribute backup traffic network load. Create granular off-site replication scheduling with integrated bandwidth management to prevent Internet bottlenecking during business hours.

Incremental Change Capture
After the initial base image, all successive backups capture only incremental changes into a new snapshot of that point in time. This provides for very fast, lightweight backups that can be scheduled to occur more frequently than traditional backups (as frequently as every 15 minutes). Individual backups are also much smaller than traditional backups, facilitating easy off-site replication with modest Internet bandwidth

Image Based Backups
Image-Based backups make a complete copy of a protected system including all operating system files and boot records necessary to recover a system in the event of a disaster. The Agent captures all protected system disks at the block level, enabling complete system restores from any recovery point on the Appliance or Vault without the need for any lengthy Operating System reloads.

Instant Recovery
Failed Protected systems can be recovered instantly by leveraging Axcient x360Sync's built-in Hypervisor to boot any recovery point as a virtual machine directly on the backup Appliance, or by exporting the protected systems disks as iSCSI targets to an existing virtual server infrastructure.

iSCSI Target Support
Each recovery point may be exposed as a raw iSCSI disk volume in order to facilitate large data recovery operations or to provide a set of iSCSI disks to an external Hypervisor and act as a temporary SAN replacement, providing instant recovery of systems in your Enterprise virtual environment.

x360Sync supports both legacy MBR style and modern UEFI BIOS systems for backup, recovery, and virtualization.

Multi-Site Replication
Recovery Point data at the Customer site can be asynchronously replicated to one or more off-site Vaults, providing protection against total loss-of-site disasters.

NFS Export
The Appliance or Vault can export NFS shares to provide shared storage for your virtual platform and to allow access to exported Virtual Disk Images. This feature is very useful for recovering to an external virtual platform, or from a failed SAN when your virtual hosts are still fine.

Nightly Boot Checks
Perform a nightly boot check of the latest recovery point on each protected system. Each machine is booted as a virtual guest directly on the Axcient x360Sync device, and a screenshot capture is viewable on the particular device, in the Management Portal and/or delivered via email, and/or ConnectWise ticketing. 

Don’t worry the next time you need to recover your customer’s critical data. Leverage Axcient x360Syncfor your all of your data protection needs and rest easy, we’ve got you covered

x360Sync Recovery Toolkit
More than just a bare metal recovery suite, our Axcient x360Sync Recovery Toolkit provides a platform to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, and recover data from any offline system.

Support for Physical and Virtual Environments
Axcient x360Sync fully supports protection and disaster recovery for both Physical and Virtual environments.

USB Seeding of Off-Site Base Image
When enabling replication, it is optional to use a USB seed disk to transport the initial full backup image, so that large disks do not have to be replicated over the Internet. When enabling seeding, subsequent Increment backups are delivered immediately to the Vault, and will be imported once the USB seed disk has been received and imported.
Note: Direct WAN replication is very robust. Interrupted transfers will be resumed where they last left off, making seeding necessary only for very large base images, or for sites with poor Internet bandwidth.

ZFS Storage Pool
Axcient x360Sync leverages the advanced data protection, flexible storage technology and snapshot features of the ZFS filesystem, providing for robust data integrity, reliable snapshot replication, and native compression.



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