x360Recover Preload from MSP Office

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 22nd, 2023

1. First, create a Preload (Seed) drive on your own USB Drive

For more information, check out Overview of preload (seed) drives

2. Next, follow these steps to load from MSP Office:

  • Connect the USB seed drive to a computer with a high-speed connection.

The USB seed drive will contain

(a) a folder with the computer name and 

(b) a folder with the name similar to the PGZ compressed file name that is created.

  • Follow the instructions in the WebSeed Guide to upload the Preload (Seed) drive.


3. Finally, inform Support at https://axcient.com/partner-support/ that that your desired x360Recover preload has been copied to the WebSeed server in the data center and is ready to be copied to your x360Recover Vault.