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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 3rd, 2023

Cloud AutoVerify has been enabled for all partners as of April 2022.

What's the difference between AutoVerify and Cloud AutoVerify? 

AutoVerify  is provided for x360Recover local BDR appliances and is part of x360Recover's nightly BootVM check process. 
  • AutoVerify validates the recoverability of snapshots on x360Recover local BDR appliances.
  • Full details on AutoVerify here 

Cloud AutoVerify (for Direct-to-Cloud vault endpoints) brings the functionality of AutoVerify to Axcient-hosted vaults for Direct-to-Cloud endpoints.
  • Cloud AutoVerify is monitored directly on the vault. 
  • Cloud AutoVerify testing frequency is weekly for servers and bi-weekly for desktops.
  • Cloud AutoVerify does not currently support the advanced check using chkdsk

Tiered testing

Axcient hosts tens of thousands of protected systems across multiple international data centers, making it challenging to perform complete AutoVerify testing on a nightly basis for every endpoint.

During the AutoVerify process, a number of tests are performed on the protected system to validate its data integrity. These tests include
  • capturing a screenshot of the login page
  • performing a heartbeat check to the testing services running on the VM
  • verifying Microsoft Volume Shadowcopy Services (VSS) are functioning
  • performing a full checkdisk scan on all data volumes. 
    • Please note that as of Q1 2023, Cloud AutoVerify does not support the advanced check using chkdsk

We've chosen to implement Cloud AutoVerify testing on a tiered basis. This ensures that we limit the load and reduce the impact on other operations (such as  Direct-to-Cloud backups, appliance-to-vault replications, Virtual Office recovery, and so on.)

Lighter operations will be performed more frequently, while heavier operations will be performed less frequently.

How to enable AutoVerify

Click BootVM under the Configure column on the Protected System Details page:

Then, click the check box to enable boot checks. 

How to view AutoVerify results

Results of the most recent AutoVerify checks can be found on the Protected System Details page. 

Based on the tiered testing structure, results are broken up into multiple parts, showing the different testing intervals.

  • Basic boot VM testing is performed periodically to verify that the system is bootable. This test includes a simple heart beat check, to confirm our communication services are alive and running within the VM. This test also includes a screenshot of the login screen.  
  • AutoVerify testing for appliance-based protected systems can and should be performed on the appliance.  Data replicated from an appliance to the vault is identical and there is no reason to perform redundant boot testing in the cloud for these endpoints.

Testing frequency

  • AutoVerify testing on the local BDR appliance is performed nightly for both servers and workstations.
  • Cloud AutoVerify testing is performed weekly for servers and bi-weekly for desktops.

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