D2C User Guide


Welcome to the x360Recover D2C User Guide

This is a self-guided manual to walk through features and functionality for D2C. 

For a more hands-on learning experience, the x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud Certification program is a five-part program that introduces the basics of the D2C platform. The estimated completion time to 90 minutes

To get started, log in to the Axcient x360Portal. If you need help with credentials, please contact your Partner Success Manager. 

Install D2C

Axcient's Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) provides MSPs with the same full-featured, image-based backups of traditional x360Recover, but without the expense of deploying or managing a local appliance.

This installation guide outlines installation steps to you get started with the x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud agent.

Installation tips


Firewall considerations: The Direct-to-Cloud agent communicates outbound on the internet to the vault on the following ports: 443, 9079, 9082, and 9090 


  • PLEASE NOTE: License assignment within the License Portal is not necessary for Direct-to-Cloud protected systems. Direct-to-Cloud billing is usage-based and assigning additional licensing inside the License Portal will result in double billing. 
  • IMPORTANT: The Direct-to-Cloud agent installation file is valid for 14 days from the time of download. Installation from an agent installer file more than 14 days old will fail with invalid token errors in the log file.
  • The Direct-to-Cloud agent can be installed over an existing agent. If the protected system has a previous installation of the agent, installing the Direct-to-Cloud agent will overwrite its configuration settings and convert the protected system to Direct-to-Cloud mode. For complete instructions on converting an existing appliance protected system to Direct-to-Cloud, see Convert between Appliance and D2C mode.


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