Components of D2C

x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud component descriptions

Direct-to-Cloud provides a variety of tools and methods to work with your data:

x360Recover Manager Your  single-pane-of-glass platform to simplify and consolidate all of your Axcient  BDR deployments

D2C agent
Software installed on each protected system to perform backups and send data to the vault.

Vaults for D2C

Vaults receive incoming protected system data being replicated from a customer site. 

Local cache

Maintain a local datastore of backup block data used to accelerate recovery of cloud backups.

Local cache for manual virtualization

Use D2C's Recovery Center and local cache for near-instant recovery of protected systems

Cloud AutoVerify Nightly BootVM check feature which validates backup snapshots.  

Axcient AirGap Your last line of defense during a cyber-attack on your backup files.

Recovery Center

Stand-alone app recovers data directly from the Axcient Cloud or a private cloud, with or without a local cache device. 

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