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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 15th, 2021

Leasing an Axcient x360Recover BDR Appliance

You now have the choice to lease your Axcient x360Recover BDR hardware from us. Of course, you can also continue to purchase your BDR hardware from us or build your own (BYOD) devices. 

You'll make a choice between Buy Now or Lease during the purchase process, allowing you to choose the payment terms that best meet your business needs. Leasing is amortized on a 36-month term basis.

Step-by-step instructions to lease Axcient x360Recover BDR hardware

1. Log in to the portal at

(New partners need to complete a short training session on how to use the Licensing Portal prior to receiving login credentials. Please contact your Axcient sales representative to schedule your session which will enable you to obtain your credentials. After you complete your training and receive your login credentials, you can access the x360Recover Licensing Portal from any web browser.) 

2. From the x360Recover License Management left pane menu, click Order BDR. The Order BDR window displays.

 3. In the Hardware window, use the Product Type drop-down menu to select the type of device you wish to order. For example, you can select from Nano Units, Mini Units, Pro Units, or Rack Units.

Additionally, Upgrade Kits and Spare Parts Kits are also available for purchase from this menu.  Note: Spare Parts Kits are available for all units; Upgrade Kits are only available for the Pro and Rack units.

4. Click the Next button when you finish making your selection.

5.  In the Select a Buy Now or Leasing Option window, you can choose to purchase the device with one payment now or lease the device for a monthly fee. 


If you choose to lease, you will then be prompted to agree to the Leasing Terms and Conditions.

6. Click the Next button to continue. 

Standard and extended warranties

  • If you choose to lease your Axcient x360Recover Appliance from us, a three-year warranty is included at no charge. (Additional extended warranties beyond the three year period are not available on leased equipment.)

  • If you purchase your Axcient x360Recover appliance from us, a three-year warranty is included at no charge.
  • Additionally, if you purchase your Axcient x360Recover appliance from us, extended warranties, for either four or five year periods, are available at the time of purchase, for the displayed prices.
  • Note

    You must buy these extended warranties at the time you purchase your hardware. You cannot buy these extended warranties after the initial purchase of this hardware.

End of lease options

At the end of the lease period, if you are not in default, you will have the option to:

(a) return the equipment to us in accordance with the terms and conditions of your agreement or 

(b) purchase all of the equipment (on written notice to us given at least 60 days prior to the end of the lease term) for a purchase price equal to the monthly rental payment multiplied by three (plus all applicable taxes). Upon payment of such option purchase price and applicable taxes, we will transfer the title to the equipment to you as-is.

Note: If you fail to exercise the purchase option, you must return the equipment to us in accordance with the terms of your lease agreement.

If you have additional questions about leasing an Axcient x360Recover appliance, please contact your account representative.


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