Option B: Choose an Axcient appliance

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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 22nd, 2023

We offer a variety of choices if you have decided to use an Axcient backup appliance. You can choose to purchase or lease BDR hardware appliances from us (and, of course, x360Recover installs in <10-minutes on any Ubuntu certified hardware.) Plus, you can decide whether to have the hardware shipped to you or directly to your customer. 

Your appliance options

Hardware devices

We offer a range of high performance BDR hardware devices, shipped directly to you or your customer . The following options are available: 


The x360Recover Eco2 is a compact server and comes in three models:

Any non-SSD Eco2 models use Enterprise HDD's for storage hard drives.

Eco appliances cannot be upgraded and do not have field replaceable parts.



The x360Recover Mini2 BDR appliance, provides Axcient’s most popular storage capacities and price points.

The Mini2 is a mini tower which includes a Xeon E-2126G,  32GB RAM, and  a 3-year warranty. (The Mini2-6000 is available with 64GB RAM.) Extended 4 or 5 year warranties are available at the time of purchase.

Features include: 

  • Hot-swap drive bays for easy storage drive replacement
  • IPMI for remote access
  • Field upgrade to 1.5, 3 or 6 TB of usable storage for hybrid variants (depending on the original model purchased)
  • Spare parts kits available for hybrid units
  • Any non-SSD Mini2 models use Enterprise HDD's for storage hard drives.

Mini2's are available in the following models: 






  750GB usable storage - All SSD

  3x500GB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  1.5TB usable storage  - All SSD

  3x1TB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  3TB usable storage  - All SSD

  3x2TB SSDs RAIDZ1 (N+1 Parity) 


  1.5TB usable  storage

  2x2TB Enterprise-cass HDD RAIDZ 


  3TB usable storage

  2x4TB Enterprise-class HDDRAIDZ 


  6TB usable storage 

  2x8TB Enterprise-class HDD RAIDZ 

* Field (storage) upgrade kits and spare parts kits are available for hybrid units. 


Rack Gen2

The second generation Axcient x360Recover Rack BDR appliance is a standard 2U 19” server rack chassis with (8) 3.5" hot swap drive bays. The default configuration is four bays populated with 2, 4, or 8 TB disks. The remaining four slots can be populated with like-sized disks to double the initial storage capacity.

Any non-SSD Rack models use Enterprise HDD's for storage hard drives.

The Rack Gen2 is a turnkey BDR appliance that ships pre-configured with x360Recover backup software and can be requested with end-customer configurations during ordering for direct-drop shipping.

How to expand memory for the Rack Gen2

For specifications, please review the Rack Data Sheet


   Rack 2-4500

   Rack 2-9000

   Rack 2-18000

   Rack 2-27000

   Available capacity

   5 TB

   10 TB

   21 TB

   36 TB

   Recommended usable capacity

   (85% available)

   4.5 TB

   9 TB

   18 TB

   27 TB

   Field upgradable to (Total Usable)

   9 TB

   18 TB

   36 TB

   54 TB

   Storage redundancy

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)

   RAIDZ1 (N +1 Parity)


   8-core Intel Xeon

   2x 8-core Intel Xeon

   2x 8-core Intel Xeon

   2x 8-core Intel Xeon


   64 GB

   128 GB

   256 GB

   256 GB

   RAM Field Upgrade

   256 GB

   512 GB

   512 GB

   512 GB

   10G Network

   2 ports

   2 ports

   2 ports

   2 ports

   Remote Management (IPMI)





   Hot swappable drives






   3 years

   3 years

   3 years

   3 years

   Upgradable warranty

   Added 1 or 2 years

   Added 1 or 2 years

   Added 1 or 2 years

   Added 1 or 2 years


   2U Rack Mount

   2U Rack Mount

   2U Rack Mount

   2U Rack Mount



Buy or lease?

You can choose to buy an Axcient appliance or you can opt to lease.  

You'll make the choice between buying and leasing during the online purchase process, when you also choose the payment terms that best meet your business needs.


Ready to order an Axcient BDR appliance?

You can order BDR appliances to use with x360Recover from the Axcient x360Portal:

Step by step instructions on how to place your Axcient BDR appliance order

When you access the Order BDR menu item inside your x360Portal, you will be greeted with a wizard-style ordering system that allows you to purchase multiple appliances at a time.

This ordering system is a new feature and we'll be expanding functionality over time.  

If you have recommendations, please use our Request a feature function found in the product footers.

Steps to order Axcient BDR devices

The BDR ordering process involves six steps, presented in a wizard format.

STEP 1. Choose your series

Each Axcient BDR model belongs to a series. (We also offer upgrade kits.)

This first step when ordering is to choose the series you would like to shop for.  

When you select multiple series, you will see a list of models that apply to each series.

  • NOTE We only display ten series at a time, so if you have selected more than ten, you'll have to scroll through the results pages.

STEP 2. Choose your model options

Our new system allows you to select multiple models (and quantities) for a single order.

Each device is listed by current price and statistics.

Please refer to the listings within the x360Portal for the latest details.

STEP 3. Choose your purchase (and/or leasing) options

In this step, you can mix and match (a) which devices you would like to purchase now and (b) which devices you prefer to lease.

  • You can select to both buy a device now and lease additional devices on the same order.


All devices include a manufacturers warranty.

  • If you choose to purchase: When you purchase a device now, you will have the option to extend the manufacturers warranty.
  • If you chose to lease: When you opt to lease a device, the warranty selection is disabled.

STEP 4. Enter your shipping information

You can choose where you want the device(s) to be shipped.

You can also select the shipping method you prefer.

 We will send your devices using the information you specify on this page:

STEP 5. Provide contacts for this order

Who would you like us to notify about the order and who do we contact for payments?

We will contact you with an invoice after we have processed and verified the device details.

STEP 6. Price estimate and order review

The last step in the BDR ordering process is to review the final price estimate and confirm that the information on the order is complete and accurate.

You'll do this review just before you submit your order.

If you have any leased items, you'll be given the chance to review and accept the terms and conditions for leasing.  

Once you have reviewed and confirmed the information on this page, click Submit to send the order to us for fulfillment.

What happens after you submit your order?

  • After you have placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation number to use when talking to our support or customer service team.
  • Your submitted order will also display a Print option, which allows you to save a PDF for your records.
    • IMPORTANT: At this time, if you don't save this PDF before leaving the ordering screen, you wont be able to view this submitted order again.
  • Your order confirmation number corresponds to an Axcient ticket. You'll get an email from us, confirming we have received a ticket on your behalf.
  • If you need to contact our support or customer service teams, please have your order confirmation number available.

IPMI Quick Start Guide

The IPMI interface allows system administrators and other authorized users to access their system remotely, control the power of their system, redirect the console, utilize a remote graphics console display, monitor system health and configure additional settings. 

The IPMI interface provides remote access to multiple users at different locations for ease in troubleshooting, diagnostics, networking, and other maintenance activities.

When ordering your appliance, you will specify your network information for this IPMI feature. This means your appliance will arrive preconfigured with your IP address when it is shipped to you.

IPMI Interface Quickstart Guide [PDF]for x360Recover BDR appliances

Default vs. advanced configuration on a new BDR appliance 

What are my choices when I configure my new x360Recover BDR appliance?

When you purchase or lease a new x360Recover appliance on the Licensing Portal, you will select either a Default configuration or an Advanced configuration

Note: Each x360Recover BDR appliance ships with a user-friendly Quick Start guide describing how to connect to the network.

What's the difference between 'Default' and 'Advanced' configuration?

Default configuration 

Default Configuration is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to order a BDR. 

Note: A x360Recover  BDR Appliance with Default Configuration is also sometimes referred to as a non-configured x360Recover BDR appliance.

Default configuration does not incur any additional fees.

When you receive the BDR, you setup customer specific configurations such as network configuration and login/authentication credentials.

  • Devices arrive with the x360Recover  software installed, but are not yet provisioned for a specific customer or network environment.
  • Networking defaults to DHCP.
  • Connect the device to the network and power it on.  After booting, the login screen on the console displays the IP address the device received from your DHCP server.
  • To troubleshoot, or specify a network address, login at the console using the ‘x360Recover’ user, with a password of ‘rx360Recover’ and run aristosnet to check or set a static IP address to the device. 

Advanced configuration 

  • Advanced Configuration incurs an additional fee and requires you to enter customer-specific information such as networking configuration and login/authentication.
  • Note: A x360Recover BDR Appliance with Advanced Configuration is also sometimes referred to as a preconfigured x360Recover BDR Appliance
  • Your unit arrives ready to use, allowing you to plug in any unit to the network and simply power on. You can even ship units directly to a customer site.  
  • When you select the Advanced Configuration option during the order process, the configuration settings dialog window is unlocked and you can enter your customer configuration details. 
  • Note: If you choose this method, you must remember passwords between the time of ordering and setup at the customer location (Axcient does not store these passwords for recovery.) 


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