Configure VM auto shutoff in Virtual Office tests

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 24th, 2022

With x360Recover Virtual Office, you can offer your clients a choice of periodic cloud recovery testing.

All x360Recover partners are entitled to thirty (30) days of x360Recover Virtual Office use per endpoint (protected system) per calendar year.

Whether you offer testing on an annual, quarterly, or customized schedule, you can use these virtual office entitlements to demonstrate full-up cloud recovery scenarios - any time you wish to ‘prove’ the recoverability of your client environments. 

Best practices when testing

When you are performing virtual office testing, remember to be frugal with your use.  

  • Start only the virtual machine you need to test.
  • Shut down virtual machines that are no longer needed. 
  • Do not leave virtual machines running over the weekend unless you are specifically testing something that requires it.  
  • Discard your virtual offices when you are finished testing.  

Unnecessary virtual offices left active with running virtual machines will incur unwanted overage charges. [For full discussion of VO use and billing,  review Virtual Office use & billing]

Configure automatic shutoff of virtual office tests

You can configure, monitor, stop, or extend the automatic VM shutoff date at any time in the Virtual Office (Test) details page. (You can manage automatic shutoff dates for production VOs, too.)

  • If a VM is automatically shut off, its data is preserved until the entire virtual office is discarded. 
  • You are still able to manually turn on a VM that was automatically turned off.
  • A virtual office test will automatically be discarded 30 days after all VMs (inside that virtual office test) remain shut off for 30 days.
  • Time accrues for each VM (against its free Virtual Office allowance) only while the VM is running. 
  • If a VM runs longer than its allotted free time, a daily rate will be charged for each day the VM continues to run past its free allotment.

What counts as virtual office use?

  • Use is tracked per endpoint (protected system) whenever a system is running within a virtual office. 
  • Merely creating or starting a virtual office for a client does not generate usage. 
  • Use is tracked based on actual running virtual machines within the virtual office.
  • No distinction is made between test mode and live mode when calculating use.   

[For full discussion of VO use and billing,  review Virtual Office use & billing]

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