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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 22nd, 2021

The Virtual Office page is accessible when a virtual office has been started.

This page is the administrative page for each virtual office. From here, you can manage and administer the virtual office.

There are five main sections to the Virtual Office View page:

Virtual Office summary

This section provides a summary of the virtual office, showing which clients are being virtualized and the type of virtualization (test or production).

Additionally, you can stop all running VMs and take steps to discard the virtual office.

  • Device List
    • This section displays all protected devices under the Client as well as the device states. The three device states are explained below.
  • Configure Office
    • This button launches the Virtual Office Configuration page where you can configure various aspects of the Virtual Office.
  • Resources
    • This section displays used and available resources across all live VMs, and information about how long the Virtual Office has been running
  • Axcient Tools
    • This section displays links to Axcient support documentation and Axcient Technical Support.

Virtual machine states

A device will be listed in one of the following states:

  • The Offline state indicates that the VMs have yet to be rendered. To render a device, click the Render button.
  • The Ready state indicates that the VMs have been rendered. This means that you have allocated CPU cores and RAM to the VM. You can optionally click the Start button to start a device and make it accessible.
  • The Running state indicates that the VMs are live and accessible through a VNC or RDP agent. You can optionally click the Stop button to return the device to a Ready state, log in to access the VM using the built-in web VNC agent, or click the Discard button to return the device to an Offline state.

A important note on virtual office use and billing

When you are performing virtual office testing, be frugal with your usage. 

  • Start only the virtual machine you need to test.
  • Shut down virtual machines that are no longer needed. 
  • Do not leave virtual machines running over the weekend unless you are specifically testing something that requires it. 
  • Stop and discard your virtual offices when you are finished testing.

Unnecessary virtual offices left active with running virtual machines will incur unwanted overage charges.

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