Create and manage Team Shares and Share Links - x360Sync

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at July 6th, 2021

In addition to using standard files and folders, end users can collaborate and share content using both Team Shares and share links.

  • Team Shares are shared folders that can be accessed by groups of users. Team Shares can be configured for users in your organization; guest accounts cannot be added to Team Shares.
  • Share links allow you to share a direct link to a file or folder, rather than sharing an entire area. Share links can be configured for users in your organization and outside of your organization. You can send a public share to recipients inside or outside of your organization; alternatively, you can send a secure share, which requires login credentials. If you send a secure share to a recipient outside of your organization, the system will create a guest account for that user.

Using the administrative portal, Team Shares and share links can be managed and reviewed.

While end users can create their own Team Shares, and send share links, you can create Team Shares for your end users. Additionally, Team Shares can be configured so that supported Microsoft files automatically lock when they are opened for editing. File locking allows end users to edit files and folders while preventing others from accessing the content at the same time.

You might find it useful to set up Team Shares for groups of users who collaborate on a regular basis, such as departments and project teams.