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Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 18th, 2024

Flexible billing model 

x360Recover has a flexible billing model, providing several possibilities:

Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) billing: D2C delivers the full-featured backup of traditional x360Recover, but without the expense of a local appliance. D2C protected systems are billed on a usage basis and are not managed via the License Portal Appliance-based license billing: Appliance-based billing allows licenses on a per-device basis, with servers or workstations as endpoints at different prices.

How does billing work for Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) protected systems?

Direct-to-Cloud delivers the full-featured backup of traditional x360Recover, but without the expense of a local appliance. The vault has now been enhanced to provide all the backup services normally only present on the appliance. 

  • Direct-to-Cloud protected systems are tracked and billed exclusively on a usage basis.
  • Direct-to-Cloud protected systems are not associated with or managed via the License Portal. 

Note: Since Direct-to-Cloud billing is based on usage, Direct-to-Cloud protected systems must be deleted from the vault in order to be removed from billing. 

Direct-to-Cloud protected systems are similar to cloud-only protected systems in one way:  they only exist on a vault. 

But Direct-to-Cloud systems are different, because they are actively attached to an agent, which is performing backups straight to the Cloud. (By contrast, cloud-only devices are orphaned systems that were formerly associated with an appliance which had replicated the data to the vault. These types of cloud-only instances happen when a partner deletes a protected system from the customer appliance and either deliberately or accidentally fails to delete the protected system data from the cloud vault. Billing for this type of cloud-only protected system is based on that partner's cloud-only contract rate.)

How does Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) endpoint billing work?

Billing rates vary for Direct-to-Cloud endpoints, based on whether the system is a workstation or server, and whether the endpoint is located on an Axcient-hosted vault or on a self-hosted vault. 

  • Direct-to-Cloud endpoints come bundled with cloud storage 

For a complete discussion of all x360Recover billing options, please see the x360Recover - Billing overview.

How do I deprovision Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) endpoints?

Direct-to-Cloud is billed strictly on a per-usage basis. 

To deprovision a Direct-to-Cloud endpoint and remove it from billing, perform the following steps:

1. From the protected system, uninstall the agent.

  • Open Control Panel -> Programs and Features on the protected system
  • Locate the agent and select to uninstall

2. From the vault, delete the protected system 

  • Login to the vault and navigate to the Protected Systems page from the left menu
  • Search or browse the list to locate the endpoint to be removed
  • Click the trashcan icon on the right side and confirm that you wish to delete this endpoint
  • Verify that the protected system has been removed from the list

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